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Private Industry Action Map, Part Deux

Revised action map with the goal, 5 actions, activities, and team members assigned to each.


I ran across a helpful mind-mapping tool yesterday while working on our action map assignment for IT 570. is a collaborative tool that allows individuals and groups to create charts that suit their needs. You can use it via the web and share it with whomever you choose. There is also a Cacoo app within Google Hangouts that would allow teams to collaboratively edit a chart or mind map in real time. Pretty Cool.

Here is a quick video from

Local Article on the Flipped Classroom

Adria Amos is a friend of our family and a columnist for the Knoxville News Sentinel. She recently wrote an article about a Knoxville teacher who is using the flipped classroom successfully: Enjoy.

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The Flipped Classroom

During class we have had several discussion and comments on the “flipped classroom”. Speaking as a parent whose children’s math skills passed me up in the 8th grade, I think the idea of the flipped classroom is brilliant. My kids bemoaned the frustrations they had with homework nightly. Their frustrations weren’t with having to do homework, well perhaps it was a bit, they were simply lost and had to wait until the next day to clear up their questions and learn a new lesson. It was very helpful when we discovered Kahn Academy and began to use the videos as supplemental instruction when they were lost in their homework. they certainly helped. If my kids were offered a trial flipped classroom, I would encourage them for sure. Here is a link to a blog article talking about the pros and cons of the flipped classroom:


College is Dead. Long Live College

Special thanks to Brenda who posted this Time Magazine article in her PLE. I found it very interesting:

The article mentions Udacity, which is a site that offers massive open online courses (MOOC) for free. Once I am done with the IT program at the University of Tennessee, I may give their Intro to Computer Science class a try.

NMC 2012 Horizon Report K-12 Edition

For those of us who are new to PLE’s, the NMC 2012 Horizon Report, K-12 Edition, has a section on PLE’s. Here is the link: The PLE section of the document begins of page 24.

Cognitive Load Issues

I recently met with a group of professionals who work for a company that designs eLearning options for the health care industry as part of my IT 595 class. One of the designers, Jay Hill, sent me a link to a website he had designed when he was a UT grad student studying Instructional Technology. I have found it very helpful:

Here is a screenshot:


On of my favorite ways to share files, even large ones, is through Dropbox. It is a simple easy to use cloud based storage option for documents, photos, audio files, and videos. Between Dropbox and Evernote, I do not have to carry a flash drive anymore. If you do not use Dropbox and would like to, would you consider using this URL: ? If you do, I receive the benefit of a little more storage space.

Using Pinterest

I have been using Pinterest for a little while. My daughters have been using it for quite a while. Based on their use, I thought it was a fashion and hairstyle tutorial website. After a little looking I discovered it was much more. Up until recently I have used it to collect information on home project plans, art projects, recipes, tattoo designs, etc. It wasn’t until I began IT 570 that I considered using it to collect ideas to ID&T. I was surprised there ID&T pins out there…and even boards. So I have begun collecting pins and using Pinterest as another PLE. Here is a link to my IT board: